Welcome to our product portfolio

From minimalist solutions to high end design, we have something to suit your style.


Streamers, Audio Servers, DACs & Amplifiers


Gorgeous loudspeakers to complement your room design


Headphones, cables & power solutions to complete your system


High quality furniture made specifically for your system


AV processors, speakers & home media solutions


Ex-Demo and Discontinued items for sale

Selected Brands


Sound|Kaos – Emotion on another level.

Trenner & Friedl – Natural and Organic – ‘Be Sound’.

Jern – Cast iron concepts – great sound.



B.Audio – Beautiful design with a sound to match. 

COS Engineering – Digital products from a Connoisseur of Sound.

Bricasti – An outstanding networked music player.

Pachanko Labs – High End Audio Servers for Roon & Diretta.

SPEC Corporation – Tube-like amplification without tubes.

First Watt – Eclectic design and all limited edition.


Please Note: – We do not operate as a traditional ‘shop’ carrying everything in stock. We have a selected number of products as demonstration items, some of which are available for you to try at home. 

It is not possible for us to keep every variation of every product so we order in as required to your preferred colour or specification. This will usually take just a few days, but sometimes can take longer depending on the supply chain and origin.

Thank you for your understanding.


Headphones from Meze Audio

Cables from Luna Audio, AIM and Pachanko Labs

Power conditioning from Akiko Audio

Footers and accessories from UNGNOI


Contemporary modular furniture from CLIC and UNNU

Media Solutions:

Lyngdorf is a great choice if you want one system for movies, music and gaming, with everything you will need – including room correction.


A selection of complete systems to suit any room and style – coming soon….