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“The poetry of the golden ratio, the sound of nature”

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The Trenner & Friedl PHI is a special stand mount loudspeaker built to exacting standards.

The designers at Trenner & Friedl believe that beauty in the world follows the natural phenomena of the Golden Section and have spent more than 25 years designing loudspeakers to this principle.

With the PHI they have not only created a beautiful loudspeaker but have achieved an exceptionally harmonious and natural sound.

The inner division with special bracing, the milled segments of the front panel to prevent bending waves, the driver unit, the cables, the derivative of the structure-borne noise with different speeds of sound all go towards creating a very special loudspeaker.


Built to Golden Ratio proportions Trenner & Friedl use resonance-optimised birch plywood of differing thickness in their cabinets and build the cabinets by hand. They damp the cabinet interiors with Austrian sheep’s wool.

On the one hand, this reflects their commitment to sustainability in the production of their products, on the other hand, tests have shown that natural materials, properly executed, are sonically superior to synthetic materials. It is often the simple things that achieve the best results.

Internal wiring and terminals are by Cardas and the handcrafted crossover includes high grade Mundorf components.

A single eight inch full range driver paper cone with papyrus fibre coated with violin varnish.

The Trenner & Friedl PHI is available in a standard or special edition, both in iced Oak (others available on request). The SE comes with front panel millings filled black, silver foil coils and caps and improved internal wiring.

The prices are shown without stands which are available at an additional £1248.00


Frequency response: 46Hz (f-3dB) to 20kHz (f-3dB)

Sensitivity: 92dB (2.83V/1m)

Impedance: 8 Ohm (Minimum 7.3 Ohm at 230Hz)

Dimensions: 650mm High (without stand), 1050mm High (with stand), 400mm Wide, 250mm Deep

Weight: 21Kg