Trenner & Friedl - PHAROAH


“The bigger brother for bigger rooms”

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The Trenner & Friedl PHAROAH is the bigger brother of the OSIRIS with a ten inch coaxial driver.

The design has received a recent update with an angled front and bevelled edges so now its the perfect solution if you like the OSIRIS but have a larger listening space.

Like the OSIRIS the PHAROAH can be placed close to the wall or in corners. Many HiFi manufacturers have a problem – they live in a world of listening rooms. Most of us, however, live in living rooms and wish to also hear music there – a conflict that naturally leads to problems.

Trenner & Friedl design their products to be “living room friendly,” they are designed such that they may be placed as close as 10 cm (4”) away from the wall.  And while, because of their radiation characteristics, small or narrow loudspeakers are difficult to integrate into a living space, the PHAROAH delivers more direct radiation to the listening space via the wide front baffle – therefore, you can enjoy superb music, yet continue “living” in the room as before… actually, in fact, better.

PHAROAH delivers enormous dynamics and powerful bass, but at the same time the finest details are delicately worked out. A reviewer commented that the Trenner & Friedl PHAROAH is a quality loudspeaker, both visually and sonically, that is easy to live with and as such is a good candidate for a ‘last loudspeaker’…

They are beautifully constructed and finished, and with versatility in placement the PHAROAH is the perfect loudspeaker for the larger listening space.


The cabinet is constructed from multiplex birch of varying densities with a multi layered lacquer finish. Internal wiring and terminals are by Cardas and the handcrafted crossover includes the finest components by Mundorf, Oil/Silver caps, foil coils, and high grade MOX resistors.

The drive units are of a coaxial design and a vented system for ideal room matching. The paper cones are impregnated with a multi-layered finish of Italian oil varnish.

A high sensitivity means that are suitable for low powered amplifiers.


Available cabinet finishes come in three options and price points. The price shown is for the Standard finish.

Standard: Natural Walnut, Amaranth Walnut, Iced Oak.

Option 1: Snow white or night black. (plus £590.00)

Option 2: Zebra wood ECO or Palisander ECO (plus £1350.00)

Alternatives and high gloss finishes available on request.

Flight cases for shipping are also available for hire or purchase.


Frequency response: 33Hz (f-3dB) to 20kHz (f-3dB)

Sensitivity: 94dB (2.83V/1m)

Impedance: 8 Ohm

Dimensions: 970mm High, 470mm Wide, 360mm Deep

Weight: 36.5Kg