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“Discreet USB high frequency noise reduction”

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The development of USB transmission was originally intended for connecting computer peripherals, not for audio to transport a music signal. Even modern streamers utilise standard computer motherboards.

Most common is the high-frequency noise of the AC power supply affecting the audio data signal. Although the data can be corrected by a buffer and Asynchronous Transmission, the jitter of the lower layer’s physical signal is very high, and still a long way from the jitter free.

The two main issues identified by Telos Audio are:

  1. The computers’ high-frequency noise of the AC power supply interfering with the digital signal path – even the analogue signal after the DAC.
  2. Lower layer’ s jitter is too high restricting output of a bit perfect original signal. Regardless of the use of purifying and noise reduction materials the conducted signal can only be improved marginally. The performance of passive circuits to inhibit noise will only affect the signal quality to some extent.

The solution:

By the inclusion of a detection circuit to find the noise source, and sending a compensation correction signal making irregular noise offset synchronously, the Telos Audio Macro Q creates a relatively stable USB transmission channel to offset the signal degradation which caused by noise.

The Telos Engineering team uses two special IC to detect and compensate.

Plug in Macro Q, connecting with USB channel, and immediately the special IC can detect random noise and make a dynamic noise trap, restoring the purity of the transmission signal.

The Telos Audio Macro Q  sends the correctly calibrated high speed reverse signal so that it is completely consistent with the transmission path dynamic noise. As the result the Macro Q will create a synchronised precision environment for maintaining the signal transmission at the highest quality.

The Macro Q is a discreet module that can be attached directly to you source or via the supplied USB extension cable.

It measures just 30 x 50 x 10 mm and weighs 150 grams.

Supplied in a presentation box.