SPEC Corporation RSP-AZ9EX Sound Processor


“The final touch for your loudspeakers?”

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The Spec Corporation RSP-AZ9EX sound processor is one of those devices where it is difficult to explain the effect, but one that you will recognise once you listen, and certainly if you remove it from your system.

With the RSP-AZ9EX installed the sound will be clearer and more natural throughout entire range. You may well feel and experience more realistic sound with full range musicality*. In a word, you could be convinced that the RSP-AZ9EX brings out the full potential of your audio system.

RSP-AZ9EX is not only an audio-accessory but also a ‘real audio’ component for improving the sound quality of your system.

The RSP-AZ9EX improves localisation for mid-high frequency, improves mid-high freshness, and enriches low frequency.

How it works:

When the amplifier drives a loudspeaker, at the same time, the speaker generates counter-electromotive force. This is because the speaker operates according to the same principle as a motor. This counter-electromotive current returns to the amplifier via the speaker cables, making it difficult to drive the speaker in accordance with the input signal.

This is because the current creates a negative effect to the feedback loop causing complicated phase delays. This physical phenomenon reduces the sound quality of the audio system.

The RSP-AZ9EX absorbs part of counter-electromotive force so that the amplifier can drive the speaker more easily. This enables a more accurate speaker drive, and it can reliably reproduce fine signals.

Musicality is expressed by delicate and fine signals. The RSP-AZ9EX plays the sound with musicality by reliably reproducing those fine signals.

So why not try it for yourself – it may well be the final touch for your loudspeakers.


Compatible loudspeaker impedance: Preferably 10Ω or lower

Maximum amplifier output: Preferably 1 kW or lower

External dimensions: 100 x 47 x 117 mm (W×H×D)

Weight: Approx 250g

Package contents: 2 units, 1 polishing cloth, operational manual

*The effects will differ depending on your speaker system and the amplifier used with it.