SPEC Corporation RSA-V10/21 and V11 Integrated Amplifier


“Choose your finish, choose your sound”

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Moving one step down from the RSA-M99 we find the RSA-V10 / V21 and RSA-V11.

These amplifiers were created at the request of customers who wanted a more cost effective version of the RSA-M99.

There are two versions:

RSA-V10 designed with a natural and fine expression. Finished in silver it combines a natural and fast sound with fine signal expressiveness in the mid-high range and a neutral and all-round sound.

Recently introduced is the black version of the V10 – the RSA-V21.

RSA-V11 designed with a powerful bass and natural expression. Finished in black it also has a natural and fast sound but with a more powerful and clear bass along with a lively expression.

With the wooden exterior Maple gently supports the amplifier chassis. The combination of woods is the same for both models, only the colour of the paint is different.

On the understanding that capacitors have various characteristics depending on individual parts SPEC Corporation are constantly researching and developing capacitors. From among them SPEC have blended and installed the most suitable parts for each of these amplifiers.

If you require remote control this is available a a separate device in the RSR-1 (£785.00) which connects to the rear of the amplifier as a receiver for the remote device.


Maximum output 100 W × 2 (4Ω), 50 W × 2 (4Ω)
Speaker impedance 4Ω – 16Ω
Frequency response 10 Hz – 30 kHz ±1dB
Line input terminals XLR input : 1

RCA inputs : 3

Power voltage 240V AC, 50Hz
External dimensions 440 mm (width) × 120 mm (height) × 414 mm (depth)
Weight 14.5 kg