SPEC Corporation RSA-M99 Integrated Amplifier


“The RSA-M99 features sophisticated and expressive sound oozing with musicality.”

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Just before we get to the Reference series of SPEC Corporation amplifiers we find the RSA-M99.

This amplifier was designed by SPEC based on the premise that the amplifier is its own musical instrument. By supporting the chassis with a combination of woods, RSA-M99 reproduces a beautiful sound just like a genuine musical instrument.

A wide, solid spruce board is closely attached to the entire bottom surface of the chassis. Wooden feet are made from maple with hickory embedded in the centre. These footers are designed in such a way that only the hickory located in the centre is grounded.

The wooden ‘soundboard’ along with wooden feet vibrate with the audio signal playing a natural sound.


Again for the RSA-M99 SPEC utilised “HIBIKI-ICHI” capacitors. “HIBIKI-ICHI” was developed with the goal of rapid response and natural tone in mind, in collaboration with world renowned capacitor manufacturer “NICHICON”.

The “HIBIKI-ICHI” brings out even more texture for a more musical sound. This is identified by the printing of KANJI on the surface of the capacitor. This KANJI is pronounced as “HIBIKI-ICHI”, and ‘’HIBIKI” means vibrancy.

For this model a R-core transformer is utilised that brings out a dynamic and powerful sound. This is the same transformer used in the SPEC Corporation Reference amplifiers.

The R-core transformer and other components are separated by a shielding structure. In addition, EMC coating is applied to the inner surface of the chassis, reducing internal electromagnetic noise.

The RSA-M99 is especially characterised by its beautiful tone. In addition its impressive musicality is achieved through the creation of natural and realistic sounds which is SPEC Corporation’s design philosophy. Of course, M99 also has the precise and powerful drive-capability that is the feature of traditional Class D, although this is where the similarity ends as this amplifier performs more like a high quality tube amplifier.

If you require remote control this is available a a separate device in the RSR-1 (£785.00) which connects to the rear of the amplifier as a receiver for the remote device.



Maximum output 120 W × 2 (4Ω)
Frequency response 10 Hz – 30 kHz ±1dB (6Ω, 1W)
Harmonic distortion ratio 0.02% (at 1 kHz, 80% output)
Input sensitivity, gain 300 mVrms, 37.3 dB (at MAX volume, 6Ω, 1kHz, unbalanced input)
Line input terminals XLR input : 2

RCA inputs : 3

Speaker terminals 1
Power voltage 240V AC, 50Hz
Electrical consumption With no signal : 15 W, during maximum output : 215 W (8 Ω, 100 Hz)
External dimensions 440 mm (width) × 125 mm (height) × 414 mm (depth)
Weight 15.5 kg