Sound|Kaos WAVE 42


“The ultimate loudspeaker for an intimate listening experience”

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The WAVE 42 is no longer in general production. It may be possible to order as a special – contact us for details

The Sound|Kaos WAVE 42 is a two way floor standing monitor with a solid wood enclosure.

It is also the upgrade to the triple award winning WAVE 40. It retains and improves upon the original version’s natural and spell binding sound and now features on-board rather than external x-overs.

The design concept and construction is much closer to musical instrument manufacture than conventional loudspeaker design, and by utilising hardwood ‘tone wood’ for the front panel Sound|kaos has achieved a unique sound which some say is as close to reality as they have heard.

The WAVE 42 has a natural and sweet tone that can truly be spellbinding in the right set up. The RAAL ribbon tweeter gives the sound an airy top end without any trace of aggressiveness, and the mid-band tonality and richness are superb.

Stereo Times said that “the Sound|Kaos WAVE’s are truly musical instruments. Their ability to freely rid themselves of internal energies and more freely project the music played through them adds a new dimension to the listening experience”

We wholeheartedly agree!


The WAVE 42 is a two-way floor standing monitor with solid wood enclosure. Front and rear panels are made from spruce ‘tone wood’ – the same source for high quality violin and guitar cases.

The steam bent oval side panels are available in maple, cherry and walnut.

There is a matching solid hardwood stand on a grey anodised aluminium base with both soft felt fibre or spiked adjustable feet.

The main driver is a 21cm (8″) full range Enviee driver with whizzer cone and maple phase plug.

There is also a RAAL ribbon super tweeter with silver wire wound transformer.


Bandwidth (+/-6dB): 48 Hz to 35 kHz

Sensitivity: 92.5 dB in room 94 dB (varies with room size)

Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm

Amplifier required: 15-100 watts

Dimensions (w.d.h cm): 40 x 36 x 115

Weight (each): 22.0 Kg