Sound|Kaos LIBER|8

“Set the music free”

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Sound|Kaos has a new reference open baffle loudspeaker – the LIBER|8

In contrast to the LIBéRATION’s single LF woofer the LIBER|8 features 6 x 21cm custom woofers with paper cone and integral suspension, in parallel.

The 2 x 16cm custom full-range drivers remain with with bronze basket/paper cone and integral suspension, in parallel as does the RAAL dipole super tweeter.

Less loss C-MARC cables are used for internal wiring and a mechanical high-frequency ‘less loss’ filter is built-in. Jantzen copper in wax coils and silver/gold capacitors are fitted in the critical path. As always ETI KRYO multi-use speaker terminals are featured.

The new LIBER|8 sets new standards for audio excellence. The revolutionary dipole design means the sound fills the room perfectly as walls, ceiling and floor are virtually eliminated from the audio’s dispersion pattern.

Sound|Kaos have introduced a speaker with custom bass drivers which equates to more cone surface than one 18′ driver.  The advantage of this design is that the smaller membranes are a 10th of the weight compared to one larger driver. This enables low power amplifiers (25W and upwards) to drive LIBER|8 with ease –  the end result …. incredible sound.

Set the music free.


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