David Laboga Custom Cables

“Bring a new spirit to your sound”

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David Laboga Custom Cables, as a business, is new but with significant experience and success in his native Poland.

His origins are in the pro-audio market and also in the manufacture of speaker cabinets for live shows, all handmade to order.

Over the recent years he’s been working with some of the best musicians in Poland, and even the world. These include bands like The Rasmus, Phil Campbell from Motorhead, Jan Borysewicz, Tommy Emmanuel, Al Di Meola, Behemoth, Vader, and many more – Tommy Emmanuel has his own exclusive range!

Through close cooperation with these experienced musicians, it helped David to understand what they needed and how he could adjust his designs to suit each individual so that most are designed to give a particular sound. This cooperation also gave him excellent results as far as the life span of his cables. All DL Cables have a lifetime warranty.

David was persuaded to transfer his skills to the home audio market and the ‘Custom Cables’ business was created. To start with a USB cable, the Expression EMERALD, had eye opening results…

Hiro Furuya the renowned Mastering Engineer from Japan, working with artists / bands such as Eric Clapton, TOTO, Billy Joe, Elton John, Rod Stewart and many other amazing artists could now not imagine performing his magic without the Expression EMERALD USB cables in his system.

The Expression EMERALD USB cables enabled the engineers to hear more of everything – more expansive sound stage, more details, better separation of performers and instruments, greater depth and body, more dynamic attack and completely natural timbre and texture, largely because more of the original signal is being transmitted more faithfully with as little “pollution” and degradation as possible. The ability to “hear more” ensures the mastering engineer can perform their role more effectively to bring us closer to the realism of the music – and that is what David Laboga Custom cables are all about.

Maor Appelbaum the famous Mastering Engineer from L.A. working with artists and bands such as Annihilator, Eric Gales, Faith No More, Sabaton plus many others, has said that using the Expression EMERALD USB cables in his system was the first time in his entire career that he heard the (positive) effect that USB cables brought to the sound, something which he had never experienced previously.

We’ve heard many USB cables, and have been impressed by some, but never like this. We’ve no idea how he does it but these cables are different…very different. In terms of a flow of data this isn’t a stream, it’s white water!

This success has led to the development of a wider range of cables including the sensational SOUND WAVE Ethernet range along with many others.

If you’re unsure of what a cable can achieve or, like many others, despair at yet another cable brand entering the market, then at least take some time to try these – you might just be as surprised as we were…

Selected Cables:

Expression USB cables: 3 versions in lengths of 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0m

Emerald A-B Gold plated connectors 1.0m – £470.00

Sapphire A-B Rhodium plated connectors 1.0m – £1365.00

Ruby A-B Tellurium Copper Rose Gold plated connectors 1.0m – £2150.00

Sound Wave Ethernet cables CAT 7: 3 versions in lengths of 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0m

Emerald – 1.0m – £385.00

Sapphire – 1.0m – £925.00

Ruby – 1.0m – £1770.00

Home Audio Interconnects: Various models in a range of lengths and custom jackets with either gold or rhodium terminals in RCA, BNC and XLR.

Digital Coaxial:

CO-430(G) – 1.0m – £294.00 (RCA)     CO-490(R) – 1.0m – £325.00/390.00 (RCA/BNC)

CO-890(G) – 1.0m – £660.00 (RCA)     CO-920(R) – 1.0m – £680.00/750.00 (RCA/BNC)

CO-940 (G) – 1.0m – £900.00 (RCA)     C0-1240(R) – 1.0m – £1224.00/1296.00 (RCA/BNC)


Q Connect Series – prices range from £246.00 – £552.00 (1.2m QRIC-330 Rhodium RCA – £330.00)

N Connect Series – prices range from £684.00 – £742.00 (1.1m length only – specially tuned cable)

D Connect Series – prices range from £1074.00 – £1314.00

G Connect Series – prices range from £2184.00 – £2610.00

Speaker Cables – price range for 2.0/2.5/3.0m:

QS Connect Series – prices range from £330.00 – £480.00 (2.5m QSRD Rhodium Bananas – £420.00)

NS Connect Series – prices range from £552.00 – £852.00

DS Connect Series – prices range from £1350.00 – £1698.00

GS Connect Series – prices range from £2640.00 – £2940.00 (2-in-1 cables with tuned HF/LF leads)

Power cables – mains and DC:

Coming soon…