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“Hear Beauty, See Beauty, Hide Everything Else.”

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CLIC is a specialist audio and video furniture company from Denmark with a very simple design philosophy:

“Hear Beauty, See Beauty, Hide Everything Else.”

CLIC is a well though out combination of hifi and exclusive Danish furniture design. The modular furniture allows you to hide cables, loudspeakers, gaming consoles, audio and AV equipment, projectors, and everything else that clutters up your living space.

The furniture is hand made in Denmark and comes ready assembled – all you need to do is chose your design!

You have a choice of simple soundbar units, to full furniture solutions that can either be wall mounted or free standing. There is even a unit designed for your turntable and vinyl – if that’s your thing.

There is a choice of doors in either wood or fabric if you want to place loudspeakers inside the cabinet, and a range of accessory options including iPhone charging and an iPad pond.

The door finishes are the same as the cabinets: White; black; grey or light grey and the fabric is available in 11 different colours: Dusty blue; Olive green; Brown; Black; Grey; Dark blue; White; Beige: Silver; Bordeaux, and Red.

And, to make this furniture system even more versatile there are three depths of cabinet and multiple format options too: 37.5cm (17 cabinet options), 45.5 cm (13 cabinet options), and 55cm (10 cabinet options).

There is also a purpose subwoofer cabinet made especially for the Lyngdorf BW-2 and the Artison RCC320 (by request).

The selection process is simple: Chose your model; colour; number of cable holes in the top; doors and/or drawers; door mounting (left/right hinged); accessories – wall brackets, stands, cable cover plates etc.

All in all there will be something to suit your design needs – just contact us for assistance and a quotation.

Additional features:

  • Cables management holes (select at design stage)
  • Aluminium stands – 3cm (x4), 19cm (x4), 19cm (x2)
  • Magnetic feet (required when stacking the furniture
  • Wall brackets and support bars
  • Cable cover plates (4 different designs) in silver, black or brass
  • iPad pond (check for model compatibility)
  • Charger for iPhone (check for model compatibility)
  • Cable trays
  • Wheels
  • Vinyl hole
  • Ventilation
  • Fireplace (Not sold in the UK)