Artisan audio...
... a sensory journey

We are a boutique supplier of brands we feel exhibit a natural and organic sound that transcends traditional Hi-Fi to immerse you deeper into the music.

Networked streamers, DACs, amplification and loudspeakers from specialist designers with a blend of technologies to create an emotionally engaging experience.

For us it’s not so much about the detail – it’s how the sound makes you feel.

A tailor-made solution for each unique listening environment...

We sell complete audio systems and products that have been carefully sourced and curated –  taking the hard work out of selecting and matching individual components … including your furniture.

You won’t find vinyl platters or CD spinners here – we’re walking a less trampled path…

Nor do we get hung up about analytics or measurements to ‘9’ decimal places – that’s for others to debate…

We’re exploring the relationship between music and health & wellbeing. So, when you’re done listening to your system and ready to feel the music, get in touch.

Join us on our journey and share your own experiences – we’d love to hear from you.

Book an on-line appointment, arrange a home demo, or email your requirements.

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible” – Frank Zappa

Whatever your landscape

Discreet solutions for your audio and media requirements

in a multitude of design options and finishes

… treat your ears to something special…