Artisan audio...
...with a high-end twist

We are a boutique supplier of brands we feel exhibit a natural and organic sound that transcends traditional Hi-Fi to immerse you deeper into the audio experience.

Networked streamers, DACs, amplification and loudspeakers from specialist designers embracing the latest technology that will complement your listening  environment.

Design, technology and sound in mutual harmony.

A tailor-made solution for each unique listening environment...

We sell complete audio systems and products that have been carefully sourced and curated –  taking the hard work out of selecting and matching individual components … including your furniture.

You won’t find vinyl platters or CD spinners here – we’re walking a less trampled path…

Nor do we get hung up about analytics or measurements to ‘9’ decimal places – that’s for others to debate…

We’re exploring a different dimension in audio – to see where computer based systems can take us.

Join us on our journey and share your own experience – we’d love to hear from you.

Book an on-line appointment, arrange a home demo, or email your requirements.

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible” – Frank Zappa

Whatever your landscape

Discreet solutions for your audio and media requirements

in a multitude of design options and finishes

… treat your ears to something special…