UNNU Furniture

“Stylish audio furniture from Denmark”

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CLIC is a specialist audio and video furniture company from Denmark with a very simple design philosophy:

“Hear Beauty, See Beauty, Hide Everything Else.”

UNNU is manufactured by CLIC at a lower cost to the customer, but still maintains the quality and design that you would expect from a Danish furniture company.

Like CLIC, UNNU is a furniture range in a stylish design with functions so well thought out that the overall solution is a treat for your eyes – and ears!

All of the modules can be combined and are produced in MDF and fully assembled in Denmark.

You have a choice of simple soundbar units, to full furniture solutions that can either be wall mounted or free standing.

There is a choice of doors in either wood or fabric if you want to place loudspeakers inside the cabinet, and a range of accessory options including an iPhone charging bay.

The door finishes are the same as the cabinets in white or black, and the fabric is available in 4 different colours: white, grey, black or silver.

And, to make this furniture system even more versatile there are three depths of cabinet and multiple format options too: 25.5cm (2 cabinet options) 36.5cm (7 cabinet options), and 45 cm (5 cabinet options).

The selection process is simple: Chose your model; colour; number of cable holes in the top; doors and/or drawers; door mounting (left/right hinged); accessories – wall brackets, stands, cable cover plates etc.

All in all there will be something to suit your design needs – just contact us for assistance and a quotation.

Additional features:

  • Cables management holes (select at design stage)
  • Aluminium stands – 3.5cm (x4), 19cm (x4/5/6), 19cm full size base unit
  • Magnetic feet (required when stacking the furniture
  • Wall brackets and support bars
  • Cable cover plates (4 different designs) in silver
  • Charger for iPhone (check for model compatibility)
  • Cable trays in white, black or silver
  • Wheels
  • Vinyl hole
  • Ventilation