“The high performance rack for the Lindemann Musicbook Series”


We have developed, along with TAKT of South Korea, a platform designed to specifically fit the Lindemann Musicbook range.

It can support a single component or up to three units from the Musicbook collection. Each platform is made from acrylic plates and solid duralumin legs.

TAKT have developed a new design whereby the platform is not rigidly fixed to the legs. The ‘free coupling’ solution allows each platform to dissipate all vibrations independently without transfer to other components or platforms.

All platforms feature a Quadratic Residue Diffuser design within the acrylic plate to prevent standing waves between platforms. The Den-L LMB also incorporates TAKT’s authentic Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) component optimised specifically for vibration elimination in audio devices and these are attached to the underside of each acrylic plate.

All platforms are supplied with feet so when buying two or three platform versions you have the option to stack or support the Musicbook independently. The feet are adjustable to a maximum of 5mm.

Take your Musicbook to the max with the Den-L LMB from TAKT.

Price for a single platform – £450.00

2 Platform (inc leg set x1) – £975.00

3 Platform (inc leg set x2) – £1500.00

Additional set of legs – £75.00