System 2 - Private Universe


“The perfect headspace environment for relaxation and musical enjoyment”

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There are so many headphones on the market today, the choice is overwhelming – so we decided to take a different approach.

Some headphones are designed for monitoring and analysis, others for deep bass, and some attempt to be all things to all people.

We looked at the market in a different way – what are our essential requirements for listening to music via headphones?

Our preferred list looked a little like this:

  • Listen for long periods so must be comfortable and light
  • Listen for relaxation so must have a warm and engaging sound without loss of dynamics
  • Very high quality across the audible range
  • Statement design with style
  • Must ultimately create a headspace akin to being in your own private universe

After visiting many shows and trying numerous headphones we narrowed it down to a single choice – The Meze Empyrean.

Don’t be put off if your essential list is slightly different to ours, the Empyrean is a truly wonderful headphone in all respects.

For us though the Empyrean has it all. It weighs just over 400 grams but you wouldn’t notice it as the fit on your head is so comfortable. There are a choice of two ear pads in either soft leather or Alcantara supplied in the aluminium carry case and you can choose various cable options at time of purchase.

Headphone prices range from pennies to many thousands and this headphone commands a high price tag, but in our opinion it is certainly one of the finest currently available and worth the investment.

The next aspect was to find a headphone amplifier that also matched our requirements. Again there are many choices but we ended up with the COS Engineering H1. Its design architecture is an excellent match for the Empyrean and it looks equally stylish!

To complete the system you will need a source component. The H1 will allow you to connect a number of digital devices, but as we are essentially streaming enthusiasts we picked the Nativ Vita.

The main advantage with the Vita is its touchscreen and on-board storage, and it can stream all of our favourite services such as Tidal, Spotify and Internet radio – plus it runs other APPS like Audible for audio books plus a whole host of others. It also has App control so everything can be managed via your smartphone if the touchscreen isn’t to hand.

The price below is for the complete system of Meze Empyrean, COS H1 and Nativ Vita. For individual pricing check out our product pages.