Soundkaos VOX 3f


“A truly remarkable minimalist all solid wood 3-way monitor”

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The Soundkaos VOX 3f is the latest loudspeaker from the Swiss masters – and already a strong favourite.

This may be the entry point into the Soundkaos family, but it is nonetheless a truly remarkable minimalist all solid wood 4 driver 3-way monitor.

It is a ported design featuring a 10cm TangBand full-range driver with wood fibre membrane and ferrite motor system – hence the ‘f’.

Two custom made 13cm bass woofers are positioned in a back to back force cancelling configuration with a remarkable 35 hZ extension – you won’t need a subwoofer with these speakers!

For the high frequencies a custom made RAAL ribbon super tweeter is mounted on the top of the cabinet with a bronze faceplate and provides a 35kHz reach – the top end truly sparkles!

To complete the design Soundkaos includes an anti-vibration base with a proprietary suspension system and ETI KRYO terminal posts.

The VOX 3f all wood design comes in oiled/waxed walnut or cherry, with either matching wood stands or an all metal option.

As an alternative the Vox 3fc is available in its usual solid wood, but with a high gloss paint finish in a colour of your choice.

The Vox 3fc is a special order with an additional cost as a one-off of £1000.00

These speakers are so remarkable we have them on permanent demo.


Bandwidth: 35 Hz to 35 kHz

Sensitivity: 90 dB

Impedance: 4 Ohm

Amplifier required: 25-150 watts

Dimensions (w.d.h cm): 17.5 x 27.5 x 36.0

Weight: 7.2 kg

Accessories: Wood or metal featured stand £450.00