Nativ Audio Disc


“The CD ripping solution for your Nativ Audio Vita”

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If you own a considerable CD collection the Nativ Audio CD Ripper is perfect for you.

Simply insert the CD into Nativ Disc and it will automatically import into your Nativ Vita music server in the format of your choice, tagged with detailed information about the album, artist and beautiful album artwork.

Nativ Vita holds up to 12,000 CDs* in original quality. Nativ Disc repeatedly re-reads every CD to ensure a bit-perfect copy of the original performance. Music recognition is powered by industry-leader Gracenote, tagging all CDs with rich information about the artist, album and beautiful cover art.

Flip through your music collection on Nativ Vita’s gorgeous 11.6” LCD and re-discover long lost memories.

*With two built-in hard drives of 2TB each.


Perfect quality – Best in class CD mechanism and bit-perfect CD Ripping

Supports multiple formats – Import CDs in lossless WAV and FLAC or efficient MP3 format

Automatic tagging – Enjoy your music with detailed metadata colourful album artwork


black 7000 series aluminium


Desk stand (included) in either walnut or maple (-£100)

Wall mount (extra) in either walnut (+£225) or maple (+£185)

Dimensions (w.d.h cm):

CD ripper: 28.5 x 21.8 x 4.5

Stand: 28.5 x 3.5 x 13.5


CD ripper:

Stand: 0.35 Kg