Luna Cables

“Hand made cables with an eye on the environment and sustainability. You won’t find much plastic here – just great sound”

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There are probably as many cables companies as people on the planet – at least that’s how it may feel sometimes.

Over many years we have tried a fair few and they all have their particular benefits. However, we’ve found one or two that we like, and that work well with the components we sell. One of those brands is Luna Cables.

We met the Luna team at the 2019 Munich hifi show and, after listening to their design philosophy, it was clear that they would be a good match for our product range, and indeed our own thinking regarding system synergy.

Luna is an award-winning Canadian audio company with an eye on sustainability and boasts a wide range of high-end cables featuring custom-made Neo-Vintage conductors. Launched in 2015 Luna Cables has already made quite an impression on the hi-end audio stage, garnering several awards and praise from audiophile aficionados and musicians alike.

Due to the considerable amount of variations in length, we order when needed rather than keeping stock, although we do have some demo cables if you wish to try them first.

With our current product portfolio we have selected Luna Gris and Orange as a great starting point. You can of course purchase any cable from the entire range and we will be happy to order them for you.

Anticables design philosophy:

“The lessons of the past hold great value”

Luna are custom-made cables utilising Neo-Vintage (LCNV) tinned copper conductors that are made to unique specifications, manufactured in vintage braiding equipment that produces conductors just as they were made long ago, before the age of plastics. These LCNV conductors are used throughout the range from Gris to Noir.

From dying the cotton sheaths, braiding the conductors, to assembling all the finishing touches, each cable is assembled by the designer Danny Labrecque himself. This ensures the highest standard for quality performance.

Luna Cables – Gris

Luna Gris cables are comprised of Luna Cables Neo-Vintage (LCNV) tinned copper conductors chosen for their performance and long-term durability. They use waxed cotton dielectric to control resonance in the cable. The outer cover is made of cotton for excellent flexibility and resonance minimising qualities. 

Luna Gris cables offer a natural, transparent, and organic sound.

Luna Cables – Orange

Luna Orange are also comprised of Neo-Vintage (LCNV) tinned copper conductors and additionally shielded with a tinned copper braid, allowing them to be used on SUT and turntables without interference. Again the outer cover is made of cotton for excellent flexibility and resonance minimising qualities. The Luna Orange speaker cable benefits from a complex architecture, with 2 tinned copper multi-strand conductors per polarity.

Luna Orange cables add subtle detail and elaborate sound stage.

Typical Prices (Gris):

  • RCA interconnect (0.5m pair): £240.00
  • RCA interconnect (1.0m pair): £300.00
  • USB cable (1.0m): £300.00
  • Speaker cable (2.5m pair): £450.00
  • Speaker cable (3.0m pair): £525.00

Typical Prices (Orange):

  • RCA interconnect (0.5m pair): £480.00
  • RCA interconnect (1.0m pair): £600.00
  • USB cable (1.0m): £600.00
  • Ethernet cable (1.0m): £675.00
  • Speaker cable (2.5m pair): £900.00
  • Speaker cable (3.0m pair): £1050.00