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“The all new streamer from the German maestros”

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Lindemann have updated the Musicbook to create the Source

Here’s what’s new

As a signal source, the new Musicbook Source has an even more features than the previous models. It offers connections for analog and digital devices as well as top-level streaming.

The new streaming platform has been extended with more features. For example, the unit is now fully operable via the Lindemann app including comprehensive, customer-specific setting options. Thus a remote control is no longer imperatively required.

Another highlight is resolution of up to PCM 384/24bit and DSD 256. This is all possible also with WLAN because the device features up-to-date diversity antenna technology. The supply of streaming services covers any audiophile wishes: TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer, Highresaudio, and soon also Spotify Connect. Of course, the Musicbook is Roon Ready. Owing to an automatic “Connect“ button, the device will also link to the router within seconds.

Another feature is the possibility to play back CDs on a DVD-ROM drive (such as the Apple Superdrive), connected via USB. By the way, in a phenomenal sound quality thanks to re-sampling in DSD.

The circuitry is now based on one of the world’s finest sounding converter modules, the AK4493. It offers extremely low distortion, an exemplary musicality and extraordinary resolutions of up to 768kHz and DSD512. In the Musicbook this is run in mono mode to further enhance resolution and dynamics. The converter is assisted by a new power supply with less than 1 µV of noise and interference.

The Lindemann re-sampling concept, which will soon be 20 years old and was realised for the first time in the legendary CD1, is now carried to extremes in the new Musicbook. Re-sampling with the best sample rate converter on the world market (180 dBs dynamics, 32-bit resolution) into a DSD signal of ultimate precision opens up totally new worlds of sound for digital music reproduction. For the reference clock Lindemann rely on the currently most innovative timing technology: an MEMS Femto-Clock which shows no ageing and is not vibration-sensitive, either.

The already excellent analog output stage was further improved as well. More powerful drivers now also enable the use of headphones with a magnetostatic drive and a low sensitivity. The level adjustment is done quite easily in the app settings. Even as a headphone preamp the new Musicbook is now simply world class.

Another novelty is the optional phono stage for MM cartridges.

The all new Lindemann Musicbook Source runs on a proprietary platform that Lindemann call Stream 4.0.

So what is Stream 4.0?

Early streaming platforms often gave the impression that they had only been created for enthusiasts of data analytics and IT experts. Regrettably the one-sided fixation on features lists and big numbers often caused people to forget what is most important – the sound quality. Hence it became more convenient for those good marketing folks to talk about enormous resolutions instead of musical qualities. However, all this data says nothing about how the reproduction will sound!

Lindemann have therefore invested a lot of time and effort into a new streaming platform and a new app which are easy to use and, thanks to WiFi, enable studio master quality playback everywhere in your home – with just one click you can start a selected album.

Of course, you will also get all the features which are useful in a musical context. All formats and streaming platforms can be used without restrictions up to a maximum data rate of 384 kHz PCM or DSD 256.

Lindemann care particularly about the sound quality of their network players. Therefore they use highly musical converter ICs and even better analog amplifier stages and, of course, a Femto-Clock – which is so small that you will need a magnifying glass to find it.

But way more important is the use of the world’s best sample rate converter (180 dBs of dynamic range, 32-bit resolution, DSD 256, PCM 384 kHz) for processing the digital signals.

Similar to a studio environment, all signals are synchronized by a new, ultra stable clock and completely freed from clock variations (clock jitter), thereby providing absolutely identical conditions at the converter for all imaginable codecs and formats.

The result is simple: only good sound. Lindemann’s unique DSD feature is the icing on the cake. Activating this mode will transform all input signals into a 1-bit signal and convert them as such (DSD) – sound-wise a new world of colours, dynamics, and detail.


The streaming platform: This is the heart of every Lindemann network player, perfectly tuned to the individual device hardware. For this purpose Lindemann use a state-of-the-art streaming module which was developed by their partners in Vienna.

It supports maximum PCM resolutions of 384 kHz and DSD up to 256 kHz. No matter if the music comes from your UPnP/DLNA server, USB stick or one of the supported streaming providers. Likewise Roon is supported. And all that even via WLAN!

DSD mode: The high-quality converters of the Lindemann network player has a very unique feature – a sophisticated recalculation is used to convert all digital audio signals into a 1-bit signal, DSD 256.

DSD is a data format which is highly esteemed by audiophiles worldwide. The actual digital-analog conversion is thereby greatly simplified and reduced to a mere filtering of the 1-bit signal. This radical new approach provides a dramatic increase in sound quality, also with older and less highly resolved music files.

New features: Lindemann network players offer access to all important streaming services such as TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer, HighResAudio and Spotify. Qobuz Sublime+ and HighResAudio even allow playback in studio master quality.

With airable there is also an up-to-date provider of web radio and podcasts available free of charge. Moreover, all current Lindemann network players are ‘Roon Ready’ and support multi-room.

The new Lindemann App: The all new custom-tailored controller app is good-looking, fast and clearly structured and offers maximum convenience for browsing and searching in streaming services.

The album-oriented programming allows to play back a complete album with just one push of a button. Save your favourites in playlists with the streaming providers or create a local playlist.

The app is available at the appstore for iOS and at Google Play for Android. The new tablet version featuring a landscape mode looks particularly beautiful. And it’s free to download, of course.