DoAcoustics Macrocosmo Reference

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“Italian styling and discrete design – all in a small package”

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The Macrocosmo is the next size up in the DoAcoustics range with an extended bass reflex creating a natural and very musical sound.

Ideal for home cinema applications or home office speakers

As with all DoAcoustics speakers they are hand made in Sicily in a matt finish to very high standards.

There are two versions – the standard Macrocosmo and a ‘reference’ version.

Starting over from the first project with the Macrocosmo DoAcoustics took the original design to the next level with Macrocosmo Reference speaker.

Using the same Macrocosmo cabinet with an acoustic labyrinth and bass reflex, the main upgrade is the single driver.

DoAcoustics loves utilising full range drivers and they believe that to listen neutrally you need a small full range transducer. The Macrocosmo Reference has placed inside its small cabinet all the technology required in order to listen to any kind of music at the highest level.

These speakers are easy to place even in small environment and are consistent across the whole frequency range which is another benefits that the Macrocosmo Reference has compared to other speakers available on the market.

Their neutral feature makes them interesting also for a professional usage since they can act perfectly as monitors in near field.

The 3” driver used is very high quality. The crossover makes use of Mundorf components just as all DoAcoustic products.

As with the whole Microdesign series, the baffle is only 10 cm wide and the speaker is hand made.



  • Single full range 3″ driver
  • +/- 3 db 60 Hz – 20 KHz 1 watt/m
  • 87 db sensitivity
  • 8 Ohm nominal impedance
  • 10-100 watts

Macrocosmo Reference

  • Single full range 3″ driver
  • +/- 3 db 49 Hz – 20 KHz 1 watt/m
  • 87 db sensibility
  • 8 Ohm nominal impedance
  • 20-100 watts


  • White matt
  • Black matt
  • Bamboo (+ £100.00)
  • Purple matt
  • Green matt
  • Grey matt and other colours available at additional cost on request


Forest speaker stands 40/60 cm available in white, black or rust

Dimensions (w.d.h cm):

Speaker: 10.0 x 24.0 x 20.0


Each speaker: 1.2Kg


Ex-demo pair of Macrocosmo Reference in white on sale – £475.00