Davone Solo



“Sumptuous curves and performance to match”


Offering simple luxury and elegance, the timeless Davone Solo is a competent floorstander.

Whatever the genre, whatever the medium, the resulting sonic picture is open, fluent and involving.

Furthermore, the clean lines and smooth curves are not merely for the eye.

The Solo takes a novel approach on designing a large high end floor standing loudspeaker. Where most settle for cubism, the Solo combines optimal driver placement and clever internal acoustics with an elegant design.

Inspired by the Verner Panton 1-2-3 chair which according to Panton was meant to “grow up out of the floor”, the Solo delivers a sonic picture that is open, detailed controlled and addictive.

Tall floorstanders suffer from internal standing waves around 150Hz. The tapered Solo cabinet eliminates these, ultimately leading to a cleaner and faster bass response.

In audio furniture terms the curves of the Davone Solo make these speakers a statement piece that will grace any audio system or lounge.

Since their launch we have received more compliments regarding the design of the Solo than any other speaker in the Davone range. If we had to choose, the Solo would be our favorite. Simply because it masters design for sound.


The woofer is an 8” geometrically reinforced aluminium cone, soft low damping rubber surround, rigid die cast aluminium chassis with extensive venting.

The mid woofer is a 4″ ceramic coated aluminium membrane, soft low damping rubber surround, optimised low distortion motor system.

The tweeter is a 1″ anodised aluminium dome, flow optimised vented pole piece with non-reflective chamber, saturation controlled motor system.

The cabinet is a 10 layer beech wood form pressed veneer with multiple internal stiffeners.

Available in walnut or black ash


  • Frequency response: 30 – 22.000 Hz
  • Impedance: 4 ohm, 2.5 ohm minimum at 450Hz @ 0 degrees
  • Sensitivity: 89 dB/2,83V/m
  • Max power: 150W (IEC 268-5)
  • Cross over: 200 Hz, 2.2kHz, 24dB/Oct Linkwitz Riley
  • System: Bass reflex/ Closed
  • Weight: 30kg / piece
  • Height / Width / Depth: 109 / 38 / 38 cm
  • Current version: HR


Solo walnut £5495.00

Solo black ash £5795.00