Bakoon AMP-13R


“A truly world class compact audio amplifier”

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The AMP-13-R sums up Bakoon’s mastery in every possible way to build a world class compact audio amplifier.

The JET Bias (patent pending) circuit has brought the original SATRI Circuit to a whole new level in terms of electronic performance and sound quality.

The new circuit is now renamed the JET SATRI Circuit, an ultra fast, wide bandwidth, fully discrete design with zero negative feedback. The JET SATRI Circuit is Bakoon’s latest breakthrough and is now more efficient than ever before with the lowest number of parts and the shortest signal paths.

The same control circuit from the flagship AMP-51R and AMP-41 contributes to the circuit’s optimal performance at all times, mainly thanks to an automatic voltage and temperature sensing. A high precision 50 stepped attenuator further ensures the highest possible signal purity and channel balance.

The best possible headphone playback was also an ambitious requirement that Bakoon wanted to achieve. The JET SATRI Circuit allows a zero loss amplification factor change, which means you can fully enjoy the EXICON MOSFETs excellent sound quality direct to the headphone. The AMP-13R also provides the highest output power Bakoon has ever designed and will drive any headphone in the market with a breeze.

The AMP-13R is most likely the slimmest analogue audio amplifier ever developed with this performance. Not only is it slim, nothing is wasted anywhere to make such a complete design, that nonetheless achieves the highest possible sound quality and optimal performance.

Bakoon have concentrated their mechanical engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities with the best possible modern day high-tech tools to create the AMP-13R.

The latest firmware update now adds greater functionality. You can now select two levels of headphone gain and also switch the amplifier to power amp mode bypassing the volume control – all with a simple twist of the knob on the front panel.

The fact that it is already an award winner shows just how far Bakoon can go – simply put the AMP-13R redefines what is possible in a compact amplifier.

Red Dot Award: Product design 2020

iF Design Award 2020

6 Moons – Blue Moon Award

6 Moons – Product of the year 2019

HiFi Knights Victor Award 2019


  • Inputs – 1 SATRI-LINK (BNC), 2 Voltage (RCA)
  • Input impedance – 10 KΩ (Voltage), 3.68 Ω (SATRI-LINK)
  • Gain – max 22.5 dB or max 7-22 dB (headphone low/high)
  • Outputs – 5 way Cardas binding post, 6.35mm headphone out
  • Maximum power output – 25 watts in stereo (8 Ω, 1 kHz)
  • Frequency response – 10 Hz ~ 500 kHz
  • Power consumption – 100 watts max.
  • Finish – black
  • Dimensions (w.d.h cm) – 23 x 23 x 5.5 (inc. feet)
  • Weight – 4.0 kg