Artison Backpack P5


“Possibly the smallest AV amplifier in the world….and our personal favourite”

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Gone are the days of huge AV amplifiers with multiple connections that you’ll never use. Now from Artison comes the Nano Backpack P5 – the smallest AV amplifier in the world….probably.

The Artison Nano Backpack P5 ultra-shallow surround sound processor/amplifier is easily mounted  behind  a  display  for  powerful  performance  from  a  barely  noticeable package, with multiple digital and analog inputs for maximum flexibility.

The Artison Nano Backpack P5 is a compact, ultra-thin theatre hub for the digital age.

The P5 Backpack is specifically designed for high performance home theatre audio and ultra-simple installation; whether it is mounted on your furniture, inside your furniture, or behind a flat panel display – this is by far the most versatile solution you will find.



  • Dimensions: H/W/D (cm) 3 x 25 x 24.5
  • Auto voltage sensing 110-230 AC
  • Dolby Digital, DTS, PL11 Decoding
  • Full OSD
  • (LCR) 3 x 75W @ 4 Ohm
  • (Surrounds) 2 x 30W @ 4 Ohm
  • LFE out
  • HDMI in x 3. HDMI out x 1 (V2.0) V2. 2.2 HDCP, ARC, CEC, 3D, 4K
  • Toslink x 1
  • Stereo mini jack x 1
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wi-Fi (b/g/n)
  • RJ 45 x 1
  • USB Type a – Power only 1A
  • IR Jack and IR sensor (front panel)